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I wrote this in delusion, and hid this book at my faithful's friend Tom Richter. After 2 years it is now, as promised, released as a gift back to the internet.

Of course you do not make up a whole fable completely. What is true, and what is invented, may be known only to the author…

Wanda the little grasshopper

Wanda, the little grasshopper, was born young. There are many grasshoppers in Africa. Crazily many. Grasshoppers live to eat and breed. This, Wanda had learned at a young age. And grasshoppers can eat and reproduce themselves best. In the summer the different grasshoppers eat all the fields they can find. What the other animals do, does not matter.

In harvesting, Wanda's tribe is specialized. The other tribes are therefore quite angry with her's. The names of the tribe in the Sahel were given to him by the grandfathers; "Fraviers". But hardly anyone can remember the grandfathers.

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